Everything is Available...

At Backstage Pass we listen, and then we deliver an itinerary expressly created for you. Some of our favourite ideas include a blend of the following;

  • From casual day hikes to gourmet picnics on the summits
  • Wine and dine with local chefs and winemakers
  • Helicopter travel to breathtaking locations
  • Dramatic photographic expeditions
  • Back country or lake fishing
  • Discover the art of the region with personal introductions to local artists.

Anything goes, let us know what you would like; we’ll make it happen, in style.

We will maximise your stay by creating a tailored itinerary incorporating appropriate activities from the myriad of choices available.

Guided excursions may range from a full day to the full duration of your time in the region.
Our guarantee is to ensure you are not only introduced to the premium operations in the region, but you will also get a backstage pass enabling you to meet the characters and personalities that are Queenstown.

Take the first step in your dream vacation, contact info@backstageNZ.com