Rugged mountains, majestic lakes, crystal clear air, and just so much to do. From bungy jumping to wine trails, jet boating to tramping, dining-out to skiing, the tricky part is extending your stay to try and fit everything in.
The area has captured hearts and imaginations since the first Maori came in search of pounamu (greenstone), and the giant moa bird. More recently gold miners, adventurers, film-makers, wine enthusiasts, Hollywood stars, and US Presidents have been drawn to this magical region and its intense alpine energy.

Adventure for fun, accessible adventure, adventure for relaxation. Queenstown is renowned for adventure. But there’s much, much more. Queenstown is a sophisticated holiday resort set in the magnificent landscapes of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.
Born as an 1860’s goldmining camp, 140 years later Queenstown has a compact and sophisticated downtown area tucked into a picturesque bay on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Dwarfed by the surrounding mountains, there are amazing views from everywhere. There’s also a permanent buzz in the downtown area where you’ll find a lively cafe/bar scene and excellent shopping. 
The Southern Lakes Region
A world of diversity. From rugged mountains to a wild and deserted coastline, golden hill country to crystal alpine lakes, the Southern Lakes region is one of the most diverse and physically beautiful on earth. It’s easy to see why New Zealand film director Peter Jackson chose this region for so many Lord of the Rings locations. Fans will recognize the Misty Mountains, Isengard, the Ford of Bruinen, Lothlorien, and Rohan and the Pillars of Argonath. Stunning, movie-inspiring scenery aside, there’s a deep cultural bent to this area. Meandering wine regions, villages rich in history, high country sheep farming and primordial world heritage areas sit alongside international standard tourism resorts.

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